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Marketing for Law Firms

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Digital Marketing for Professionals

Are you looking for professional digital marketing services for your practice? Or do you want to advertise your law firm and its services to a wider audience? If so, you’re probably in need of the professional services of an experienced digital marketing agency that specializes in law firms of all backgrounds. We use market-tested and proven ad campaigns that really work. Whether it be for a family lawyer, divorce lawyer, immigration lawyer, real estate lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, civil lawyer, criminal defense attorney, employment attorney, injury attorney, or a business lawyer, having the right digital marketing agency take on your law firm’s marketing needs can truly make all the difference in your long-term business success!

About Us

CaseFlow provides premier law firm marketing services and solutions to lawyers and law firms of all backgrounds and legal capacities. We understand how to marketing professionals and to attract the clientele you're looking for to grow your business in your local area. We can easily provide legal marketing, a law firm website, attorney marketing, legal websites, law firm rankings, law firm SEO, and law firm advertising services.

Our Services

Our unique range of quality legal marketing services was designed with your needs in mind. We know that every law firm and lawyer has different needs, which is why we’ve made it easy to choose us for your legal websites and attorney marketing services. We have experience working with family lawyers, divorce lawyers, criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, and much more, to provide services such as law firm ads, attorney internet marketing, law firm web design, and attorney SEO.

“I am a divorce attorney who just recently relocated to the area and was looking for an attorney marketing company that could specialize in attorney SEO. I got in touch with CaseFlow, who was able to provide me a great rate on attorney marketing for my firm and could provide specialized attorney website design and marketing!” – Trish H.

Website Design

Having a website that’s been adequately designed can make all the difference when it comes to interacting with your clients, gaining more website traffic, and general SEO. This is because potential clients will utilize your website as the first point of contact when searching for you and the services you offer. If your website is user-friendly and organized to provide all of the information needed, you can expect quick communication results and, therefore, a successful lead.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a blanket term used to describe various tools and practices to adequately promote and market your law firm. Such tools and practices include search engine optimization, lead generation, website design, social media marketing, and paid advertising on digital channels. All of the above are great ways to reach out and broaden your target audience, while enticing new and potential clients to engage with your law firm.

"I have been practicing personal injury law for many years and always rely on the services provided by CaseFlow, for my attorney marketing needs. They are very professional and affordable and I can highly recommend them if you are a legal specialist like myself!” – John R.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of increasing your brand’s visibility through adequate search engine results and rankings. By utilizing specific keywords into your content and bidding on those keywords through the search engine, your website has the ability to appear in a higher ranking, therefore, garnering most trust and visibility to those looking for similar services through the search engine.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the practice of converting new or potential clients into ‘leads’ through marketing interests and successful tools. When an individual seeks out your services and is drawn in by your presence and chooses to interact through your channel or outlet, this is considered a converted and successful lead. Lead generation is performed through online and offline channels, but we specialize in offering lead generation for online marketing purposes.

“Some of the best lawyer websites I have seen have all come from CaseFlow, and I finally decided I wanted to invest in their services. I am an immigration lawyer and wanted and easy-to-use website for people who spoke English and Spanish. They were able to provide that and so much more, and I really cannot thank them enough!” – Lisa T.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to using social media to branch out and reach your target audience. You can also grow and expand your reach on social media, engage with your clients directly, and advertise your services on popular platforms for a much lower rate than other traditional marketing methods. Social media marketing is also a great way to gain local traction and network with individuals to build a bigger web of support.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the practice of paying for advertisements and search listing to increase your visibility online and garner more traffic. Search engine marketing can include things such as paid search engine ads, pay-per-click ads, paid social advertising. Not only are search engine marketing tools highlighted across the relevant platforms, but it means that your ads are displayed on pages with a large amount of traffic already that can convert into more visibility for your firm.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in learning more about our professional marketing for law firm services or would like to schedule a consultation, then be sure to get in touch with us today! You can easily do so by giving us a call on the service number provided on our website, where you’ll be connected with one of our customer service specialists, who can answer all of your questions and provide expert feedback on which of our marketing services would be best for you. If you would like to receive a free quote, you can also do so by completing the contact form on our homepage and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a custom quote for your marketing for law firm needs!